Rautomead has been providing expertise in continuous casting since 1978. We provide equipment and custom built continuous casting machines internationally for the melting and casting of non ferrous alloy wire rods, strips, billets and hollows. We have a wide range of continuous casting machines for Copper Wire and Cable, Alloy Wire, Engineering Alloys, Precious Metals, and Copper Magnesium Rod.

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Rautomead is constantly striving to innovate efficiency and introduce new technology. This is achieved by collaboration with new and existing customers in research and development projects to provide new processing technology and processing routes for non-ferrous metals & alloys. Using its world-class knowledge and experience in copper & copper alloys as a foundation, Rautomead AMT has now extended its scope to cover other non-ferrous metals and alloys such as zinc, lead and zirconium alloys. 

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