We offer copper continuous casting technology and a range of copper wire and cable continuous casting machines.

The copper rod continuous casting machines are specifically designed for the processing of electrolytically-refined grade 'A' copper feedstock to produce 8.0mm diameter wire rods. They may be configured to produce rod up to 22.0mm diameter if required. The machines are intended to be operated for long periods of uninterrupted production of continuous cast copper wire rod.

RS machines are configured as integrated melting, holding and casting units, featuring graphite crucibles, protected in an inert gas atmosphere with high intensity graphite resistance heating.
RDG machines feature large Induction furnace technology. Machines are either single furnace integrated melting and casting or dual furnace with cathode melter feeding a holding furnace, depending on production output.

Continuous Casting Machines for Copper Wire & Cable Operating Costs

Rautomead have paid great attention to minimising the cost of operating the machine.  Furnaces are totally enclosed and built up using high performance insulations to achieve minimum economic heat loss.  Casting dies are inexpensive and may be changed individually