• 1000 to 2,000 tonnes per year
  • 1 or 2 strands 8.0-12.5mm dia., or 12.5-22mm dia.
  • CuOF (oxygen-free high conductivity) & CuAg
  • Graphite Crucible Technology
  • Electric Resistance Heating
  • Single Furnace
  • Integrated Melting & Casting Manual Feed (pre-cut cathode pieces)
  • Withdrawal Assy (including vertical movement)
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Alarm Systems for key parameters
  • PLC Controlled Coil Formation
  • Platform with interconnecting wiring and plumbing
  • Coil Weight: either up to 4000kgs (8mm dia.), or up to 2000kgs (12-22mm dia.)
  • Facility to empty & drain crucible
  • Emergency lift, automatic safety feature
  • Automatic recording of production data (30 days)

Scope of Supply Normally Includes The Following:

Rautomead Supply: furnace, controls, coilers, tooling. Engineer for start-up, commissioning & training of Buyer’s engineers.

After delivery, assembly and installation, start-up & commissioning is supervised by a Rautomead engineer. Comprehensive training in the operation and maintenance of the casting equipment is provided during commissioning.

End Use Applications:

  • Feedstock for Continuous Extrusion
  • Transformer & Commutator Sections
  • Enamelled Wire
  • Data Communication Wires, Telephone Wires

Services Required:

  • 200 kVA Mains Power
  • Diesel Generator & UPS
  • Primary & Secondary Water Cooling
  • Emergency Water Supply
  • Nitrogen Gas (5 ppm O2)

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