We offer copper continuous casting technology and a range of alloy steel wire continuous casting machines. These machines cater for the continuous casting for Brass, Bronze, Copper Alloys and Titanium, with the ability to manufacture picture wire, EDM wire and much more. The alloy continuous casting machines are specifically designed for the production of copper-based alloy semi-finished wire rods in the range 8mm - 12.5mm diameter.

Standard machines (withdrawal & coilers) may be configured, at extra cost, to extend the diameter range to include the sizes 13mm - 30mm. The machines are configured as holding and casting units. A separate melting furnace and launder system is required to feed pre-alloyed molten metal to the Rautomead machine.

The Rautomead furnace features solid graphite crucible, protected in an inert gas atmosphere with high intensity graphite resistance heating. Brass wire (60% Cu  40% Zn) rod manufacture for the production EDM wires is an example of the application of this technology.

Uninterrupted production of alloy wire in excess of 48 months is achievable between periods of maintenance.