RS 3000 CuMg machine with graphite crucible technology is ideally suited for production of high quality copper magnesium alloy wire rod.

The graphite crucible removes oxygen from cathode feedstock which minimises losses of the magnesium alloying element.

Technology available for high magnesium content (0.4 – 0.6% Mg) alloy rod for use in the manufacture of overhead contact wires and cables for high speed trains, also for low magnesium content (0.1 -0.2% Mg) alloy rod for use in the manufacture of small diameter automotive data communication cables.

Rautomead technology is being used by suppliers of CuMg catenary contact wires on European High Speed train lines.

The massive construction project in progress in China to build 15,000 – 20,000km of new high speed train track features CuMg contact wires made from rods produced on Rautomead technology installed at cable factories around China.

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