As a provider of continuous casting technology, Rautomead work very closely with a number of key equipment providers of both "upstream" and "downstream" processes.  By utilising these relationships Rautomead can supply complete packages of equipment and technology transfer to provide total process route capability for the manufacture of specific end products.  This, Rautomead call a Turnkey Package.

As the first process in the manufacturing sequence for many product variants is usually melting and continuous casting. Rautomead are perfectly situated to be the prime player in the provision of a Turnkey Package.  Examples of Turnkey Packages include:

  • Copper Transformer Strip:
    Rautomead RS casting + continuous rotary extrusion
  • Copper Busbar:
    Rautomead RS casting + continuous rotary extrusion + draw/straighten/cut to length
  • Contact Wire CuMg:
    Rautomead RS casting + drawing
  • Brass Bars:
    Swarf preparation + induction melting + Rautomead RX/RT casting + bar shaving
  • Castube:
    5,000 - 10,000 tpa plumbing tube & ACR tubing.
    Rautomead combine with SMS Meer's Schumag & Copper Division to offer a new copper tube manufacturing process.
    Rautomead RST casting + drawing + in-line annealing + spinner block drawing + ancillary equipment

In addition, project finance for investment in Turnkey Projects may be available on request with the co-operation of our partner companies.


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