• Orientation: Horizontal
  • Strip width from 15mm to 360mm (minimum strip thickness 10mm)
  • Rod diameter: up to 175mm
  • Tube OD: 25mm to 175mm (wall thickness from 5mm to 21mm depending on the OD)
  • Tube Hex: 22mm to 152mm AF (wall thickness from 5mm to 21mm depending on the OD)
  • 2 strands bar/hollow up to 125mm dia., or
  • 4 strands of rod from 10mm to 35mm dia.
  • Graphite crucible 59 or 70 litres
  • 150 kVA power rating
  • 1350 deg.C maximum furnace temperature
  • 275 kg/hr integrated melting & casting (bronze ingot)
  • 400 kg/hr separate primary melting (molten bronze)

The RT 650 machine may be used either as an integrated engineering alloy melting & casting furnace or as a casting furnace with separate primary melting & alloying furnace to increase output capacity to 400 kg/hr.

Withdrawal options:

  • 1289; 5798; 10794; 11098; 13179

Withdrawal drive options:

  • AC positional servo or AC


  • primary melting equipment; plant monitoring; rod coiling; billet/bar cutting & handling; strip cutting & coiling; operator platform

Rautomead technology provides the capability to produce top quality continuous cast alloy shapes by offering accurate control and repeatability of production parameters.

The graphite crucible provides a naturally reducing environment in which to contain the liquid metal. It is conducive to the production of metallurgically clean, oxygen-free cast product without inclusions, voids or other defects.

The electric resistance graphite heating system operates at a safe, low voltage and is simple to operate and maintain.

RT 650 model continuous casting machines are manufactured to order. Specification of withdrawal unit, controls and tooling are selected to suit each particular customer's requirements.

Machines are installed and tested at the Rautomead factory before packing and dispatch. Rautomead engineers are available to supervise installation, start-up, commissioning and training of customer's engineers.

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