About Rautomead

Rautomead Limited are UK-based specialists in continuous casting of non-ferrous metals and construction of continuous casting equipment for copper, copper alloys, gold and silver.

For a period of over 30 years Rautomead Limited has specialised in the design, manufacture and sale of continuous casting equipment for non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Our continuous casting machines are used internationally to deliver continuous casting of Copper Wire and Cable, Alloy Wire, Engineering Alloys, Precious Metals and Copper Magnesium Rod.

As technology now advances more rapidly; demand for the world’s available natural resources is greater and the need to protect the environment more urgent and the challenges to man's ingenuity are all greater than ever before. This is no less true in the metals industry than elsewhere. Over thirty-five years, Rautomead has aimed to play its part in modernising aspects of the non-ferrous metals industry with its many end-uses and with world-wide application. Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc, Lead, Aluminium and a host of minor metallic elements are each metals to be refined, alloyed, cast, worked, formed and recycled and are the origin of countless every-day products.

This keeps our continuous casting technology at the forefront and as a result there are now more than 300 Rautomead machines in operation in over 45 different countries around the world.