Rautomead offer an R&D service with access to equipment, experienced engineers, designers as well as metallurgical laboratory facilities to investigate the feasibility of processing a particular alloy or the possibility of producing a specific section size by continuous casting, 

R&D projects undertaken are subject to Confidentiality Agreements signed by Rautomead and the client.

To commence discussions about a possible R&D continuous casting project and to request a Confidentiality Agreement document, please contact Rautomead.

Equipment available:

RS 080:  

  • single strand upward casting
  • wire rod: up to 32mm dia.
  • hollow shell: up to 52mm OD
  • graphite crucible: 650kg (Cu) capacity
  • PLC touchscreen control, programming and data recording
  • electric resistance heating, melting & casting: 100 – 150kg/hr
  • 150 KVA power pack
  • wire rod coiling up to 4.0 tonne capacity

Configured for horizontal casting:
- strip up to 200mm wide
- round up to 150mm dia.


RS 100HT:  

  • single strand upward casting
  • high temperature furnace capability (up to 1,800˚C)
  • sealed lid & cored wire feed for alloying
  • ceramic crucible
  • electric resistance heating


RM 050: 

  • horizontal continuous casting
  • strip up to 100mm wide
  • round up to 30mm dia.
  • 45 KVA power pack
  • graphite crucible 10 litre  (50 kg)   melting & casting up to 50kg/hr
  • batch or continuous operation


Rautomead AMT R&D facility is available to be commissioned to undertake experimentation Research Trials to investigate if particular alloys may be possible to produce by continuous casting. Rautomead are able to test a variety of crucible and casting die materials and to try different die/cooler concepts and combinations. Comprehensive process monitoring and data recording facilitate preparation of comprehensive studies and process evaluation.

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