Rautomead AMT department metallurgical laboratory provides technical support and analysis for continuous cast materials produced during Sample Manufacturing and R&D Casting trials.

Rautomead AMT, in collaboration with R&D partner (University of Dundee laboratory), offers a full testing and material evaluation capability.  Detailed, in-depth studies and reports of material characteristics of the as-cast continuous cast samples.

Equipment for metallurgical studies include:

  • Spectromaxx metal analyser
  • Olympus X-Ray Florescence (XRF)
  • sample preparation kit – hot mount press, rotary griner, rotary polisher, ultrasonic cleaner
  • SEM electron microscope
  • EDX Energy Dispersive X-Ray
  • digital optical microscopy (OM)
  • tensile testing
  • conductivity/resistivity testing

This equipment can provide commentary and characterisation from a wide range of aspects, typical examples being:

  • alloy configuration
  • SEM/EDX analysis of particles, slag, etc
  • SEM/EDX analysis of rich phases
  • tensile strength measurement
  • elongation measurement
  • crack depth analysis
  • grain structure reading
  • dendritic growth measurement

Laboratory facilities and product evaluation capability is primarily used to support sample manufacture and R&D continuous casting activities of the Rautomead AMT department.

The laboratory is also available to be commissioned to undertake metallurgical studies of non-ferrous metal samples.


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