Rautomead will be exhibiting at Wire 2018, Stand 10 B 52
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The Wire & Cable trade fair re-located from Basel to Dusseldorf in 1986 and has occurred there every two years since then. Rautomead have exhibited at all of the sixteen exhibitions to date. Düsseldorf Germany, located in the center of Europe, has ideal logistical connections to neighboring European and overseas countries, and has proved to be the perfect location for the primary wire trade fair in the world to this day.

In 1988, the Tube trade fair was launched and since then Wire and Tube have been held concurrently. Since 1988, the development of both trade fairs has been steep: Wire began its Düsseldorf success story in 1986 with 488 exhibitors on net exhibition space of almost 27,000 square meters. At that time 21,000 trade visitors attended in order to obtain information about the latest machinery and equipment available to  the wire and cable sectors.

Today, in globally tense political and economic circumstances, the wire event is delivering a result which defies the general uncertainty on the world market: on over 59,000 square meters of exhibition space, it is showing wire-making and processing machines, tools and auxiliary aids for process technology along with materials, special wires and cables. In addition, innovations from the measuring, control and regulation technology sectors along with testing equipment and special areas are being presented