We offer precious metals continuous casting technology and a range of precious metals continuous casting machines.

Our precious metals continuous casting machines have graphite crucible and resistance heating technology for high purity high quality continuous cast material. Machines may be used as batch casting machines or continuous casting, they may be feed with either liquid metal, alloyed grain or virgin metals depending on production quantity and cast section.

A wide range of machine sizes and specifications are available for precious metals processing, including gold and silver based alloys for:

  • jewellery, as sheet, rod and tube
  • electronics industry as lead frame alloys and contact materials
  • dental industry
  • minting industry, as bullion coinage strip
  • Bonding wire rod, 99.999 purity gold

Examples of finished final products which can be manufactured using these continuous casting machines for precious metals include:

  • Gold and silver coins
  • Medals
  • Gold bonding wire
  • Jewellery, silver picture frames, silver cutlery
  • Dental alloys
  • Electronic lead frame material
  • Sputtering targets for glass coating
  • Silver flutes

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