To receive a quotation to have a sample batch of material produced at Rautomead please send an enquiry and include the following information:

Section dimensions
Sample batch quantity
Finished final product to be made after processing.

Equipment available:

RS 080:

  • single strand upward casting
  • wire rod: up to 32mm dia.
  • hollow shell: up to 52mm OD
  • graphite crucible: 650kg (Cu) capacity
  • PLC touchscreen control, programming and data recording
  • electric resistance heating, melting & casting: 100 – 150kg/hr
  • 150 KVA power pack
  • wire rod coiling up to 4.0 tonne capacity

Configured for horizontal casting:
- strip up to 200mm wide
- round up to 150mm dia.

RM 050: 

  • horizontal continuous casting
  • strip up to 100mm wide
  • round up to 30mm dia.
  • 45 KVA power pack
  • graphite crucible 10 litre  (50 kg); melting & casting up to 50kg/hr
  • batch or continuous operation

The Rautomead in-house casting machines with graphite crucible technology are ideally suited for production of small quantities of high quality “as cast” coils of wire, tube, or strip for product evaluation and test processing purposes. We can manufacture transformer strip, oxygen free copper rod and much more.

Additional options, such as a sealed lid and cored wire feed, can be fitted to the machines to minimise losses of volatile alloying elements and to automate the alloying process. 

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